designed in Canada

At caaocho®, we pride ourselves in offering products designed in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. caaocho® baby toys and teethers are all designed with rich textures, natural materials and sensory play in mind, giving your child a toy that delivers on endless levels. With each creation, we ask ourselves if a baby would want to play with it, hold it, touch it, and mouth it before we ever go into production. Baby’s needs are our needs.

caaocho® inspirations

We started with our caaocho® baby collection, because babies and their wellness, education and entertainment are our prime focus. Our very first design was our Sensory Ball Rainbow, in honour of the first natural rubber ball brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus after his American travels. In our opinion, a ball is the perfect first toy for baby. We sought to create a ball that would promote baby’s sensory development, 100% naturally. We also added the perfect teether for baby’s teething pains because babies deserve the best when they are in need of comfort.

Next came the caaocho® ocean collection, our fully submersible bath toys in an array of colours, hermetically sealed for health and safety. Inspired by the Pacific Ocean, our ocean collection offers to baby a first fun and happy encounter with the amazing world of ocean filled with exotic and unexpected shapes and colours.

safe, smart, educational designs

We create toys and teethers that are safe and natural, made of 100% pure natural rubber that is easy to clean and chemical free. We believe nature creates the best material for baby toys and teethers. In turn, responsibly using natural renewable materials is best for nature.

In each design, we want to make products that enjoy a prolonged, useful life by applying smart ideas to each toy we create. Our teethers and teething toys are durable enough to withstand even the toughest chewer, and will see your baby through all five stages of the teething process. We know how important sensory play is for baby’s development so we created our toys to provide rich sensory experiences for baby. Our hermetically sealed bath toys mean parents can rest knowing that mould and bacteria won’t be found inside their baby’s plaything. All our toys offer endless possibilities for play as your child grows up, starting with encouraging touching, biting, rolling and throwing and sparking their imaginations to create stories when they are a bit older. Our Sensory Ball Rainbow will always be your child’s play companion, no matter how old they are.

We also strive to enrich caaocho® toys with educational value to support the development of baby’s senses, language, motor skills, social skills, and imagination all through sensory play. Baby toys should be fun, safe, and educational, and at caaocho®, we promise all three.

We are continually on the forefront of innovation, creating new products because that’s what we enjoy—Bringing safe, educational and inspirational toys to your home.