100% natural

Baby toys inevitably end up in baby’s mouth, so ensure their health comes first with caaocho® teethers and toys, made of 100% pure, natural rubber that is safe, chemical-free, sustainable, ecofriendly and best of all, fun for your baby! By using 100% natural rubber that is responsibly and sustainably sourced, we maintain high standards in premium quality toys and teethers. At caaocho®, we take pride in creating products that place the safety and amusement of your little one at the forefront of our priorities while ensuring Earth isn’t damaged in the process.

100% natural material

Natural rubber is derived from milky latex sourced from harmlessly tapped Hevea rubber trees (just like maple syrup!), making for a product that is natural, safe and waterproof. Latex is secreted from the bark of the tree and the tree is not harmed in the process of tapping, in addition, rubber trees renew themselves once tapping is stopped. After latex is minimally processed, caaocho® uses it to produce naturally soft, hygienic and durable toys and teethers.


At caaocho®, health and wellness is of prime importance in creating our teethers and toys. All of caaocho® products are certified non-toxic and are free of harsh chemicals and additives and our toys contain zero BPAs, PVC, Phthalate or nitrosamine. Although manmade rubber is cheaper to produce, it is sourced from petroleum, which has countless toxic additives that are harmful to baby’s health, especially when put in their mouths. Our natural rubber is produced without hormone-disrupting chemicals and absolutely zero cancer-causing carcinogens found in some other baby products. With caaocho®, you can be sure your child is getting the most safe, fun and healthy toy and teether that will provide endless hours of fun while giving parents peace of mind.


Natural rubber is considered a highly renewable and non-polluting resource, as Hevea trees produce latex for more than 25 years and have a lifespan of more than 35 years! Naturally sourced rubber also requires more than ten times less energy to produce than the manmade variety, contributing to an even smaller carbon footprint. In addition to higher demands for energy, synthetic rubber production releases large amounts of CO2. On the other hand, rubber trees absorb large quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere and release oxygen. caaocho® rubber is 100% plantation sourced in Malaysia, one of the largest world producers of natural rubber, and we take pride in supporting the Malaysian economy with responsible farming and production methods safe for the plantation workers. At caaocho®, we’re committed to responsibly sourced and sustainable materials that provide industry to other economies while ensuring we deliver a superior baby toy.


Since caaocho® teethers and baby toys are made of natural materials, they are completely biodegradable, leaving behind a tiny carbon footprint, just like your little one. At caaocho®, we refuse to mix additives that hinder the breakdown of the rubber, but we also stand by the longevity of the toys and teethers we create, meaning our products will stand the test of baby teeth. Also, there are no petrochemicals used in producing natural rubber, which means a happier Earth and healthier baby.With 100% natural rubber caaocho® toys and teethers, your baby will get the same tender care that we give to the Earth.