pure bath time fun

Bath time should be full of good, clean fun for babies and parents. caaocho® ocean collection of bath toys provide endless hours of safe, colourful play for your child while ensuring that their health is a top priority. Our hermetically sealed, 100% natural rubber bath toy designs will entertain baby and put your mind at ease.

safe for baby’s health

Our skin is our largest organ and the gateway to our bodies and health, so we have to be careful about products we expose ourselves too. Babies are specifically susceptible to chemicals considering their developing immune systems. Chemicals and toxins can leach from bath toys into the water and absorb through your child’s skin, making them susceptible to health conditions later in life. And since babies learn through tactile experiences, which includes mouthing their toys, safe, natural products are vital for their overall health. caaocho® toys are chemical-free and made of pure, natural rubber, ensuring your baby is safe to mouth their toys well after the bathwater goes cold!

mould and bacteria free

After sitting in dirty bathwater, bath toys are susceptible to cultivating mould, bacteria and yeast, but not caaocho® toys! After years in the baby toy industry, we listened to concerned parents who worried about germs inside bath toys, especially those with squeakers, which allow moisture and bacteria to harbour inside. All caaocho® rubber toys are hermetically sealed to prevent water from entering the interior of the toy, making it impossible for bacteria to grow and become harmful to your child, especially when put inside their mouths. Also, the shape and design of our toys makes them easy-to-clean, without any hassle or concerns about the interior of the toy. No more bleach. No more chemicals. Just safe, clean bath time for baby.

And of course, like all caaocho® toys, our bath toys are colourful, fun, and stimulating for baby, so they won’t want to splash in the tub without one of our bright, interactive bath toys designed to delight your child throughout bath time fun!