teething naturally

At caaocho®, we want to support your child from the first signs of teething right down to the last molar. caaocho® teethers and teething toys are durable, high quality and safe for endless hours of gnawing, chewing, tugging and biting while soothing baby’s sore gums through all five stages of teething. All caaocho® products are also designed with distinctive textures to keep baby entertained for hours! Best of all, our 100% natural rubber design is free of chemicals, including BPAs, PVC, phthalates and nitrosamine, so your baby will be simultaneously soothed and safe through hours of teething comfort.

what is a good teether?

A well-made teether should support baby through all five teething stages and provide safe and long-lasting care. The teether works best when it is made to reach all parts of baby’s mouth so the affected gums can be soothed. An excellent teether should also be entertaining for the baby and soft enough to prevent damage to incoming teeth. Above all, teethers should be safe, natural, and chemical-free, meaning parents can be sure that baby is safe to spend hours mouthing the teether.

why caaocho® teethers?

caaocho® teething toys support baby through all stages of teething, from first incisors to last molars, naturally and hygienically. Babies teeth in five stages, from 6-33 months old and this can be a difficult and painful time. caaocho® offers support and care cutting teeth every step of the way.

caaocho’s all-stage Teether Fish is hygienic and healthy, made of one solid piece of 100% pure, natural rubber, ensuring there are no seams, cracks or pieces to harbour bacteria. It can even be cooled in the fridge, providing extra relief for angry gums and has a variety of fun textures to stimulate baby’s mouth and is free of any colours or pigments.

caaocho® also carries a fun collection of natural teething toys that are entertaining for baby while helping to soothe and cut teeth. Our teething toys are textured and have a gentle squeak to distract your child from their aching mouth. Contrasting colours with the slightest hint of pigment will spark interest while the rounded edges of the toy will offer different ways to alleviate pain.

Whether purchasing a caaocho® natural teether or teething toy, parents can rest assured knowing our smart design is effortless for baby to hold and helps cut teeth in all stages of teething. Textures and shapes offer easy-to-clean nooks made of safe, natural rubber that offers just the right amount of resistance for hours of biting time.