we value

At caaocho®, our values are the cornerstone of our baby toy business. We pride ourselves on creating products that we feel comfortable giving to our own child, so customers can rest assured knowing that we deliver quality, safety, education and fun!

Above all, your baby and your baby’s health are of prime importance at caaocho®. We value that you welcome caaocho® products into your home and recognize the trust you place in anything given to your little one. We are a baby-centric company, dedicated to providing the safest and most fun toys for your child while prizing our customers’ heath, both babies and their caregivers. That’s why we support HealthyChild.org, a national nonprofit dedicated to protecting children and families from harmful chemicals at every step of their lives.

At caaocho®, we believe that our children are our best teachers and every person in our lives has purpose and value. Our daughter led us to the baby toy industry and through caaocho®, we are able to reach out to our amazing customers and supporters. We strive to extend our positive thoughts and products to our valued customers, placing them and the health of their little ones at the utmost importance.

caaocho values


Ideas propel caaocho® forward, bring new inspirations for toy design, give insight into making toys safe, multifunctional, and fun, and most importantly, help us to sustain creativity to deliver unique, quality toys from our house to yours.

natural and sustainable materials

100% pure, natural rubber is our keystone product because we count on it being safe for baby and renewable, healthy product for the environment, sourced from responsible plantations.

green choices

Simple, everyday choices can change the world and we do our part to reflect our own personal choices in our brand. At caaocho®, we seek to be in harmony with nature, which is why we feel the Earth creates the best materials for baby teethers and toys that are safe for both baby and the environment. We strive to make green personal choices in our lives from buying local and organic foods to teaching our child to recycle.


In choosing all natural rubber that is free of chemicals, hermetically sealed bath toys, and high-quality construction, our toys and teethers are the epitome of safety. We test our toys to ensure they meet or exceed North American and European safety standards and our paints are certified non-toxic and heavy metal free. Only the best for your baby and ours.


We stand by the principle of quality over quantity. We have the highest standards of craftsmanship thanks to years in the baby toy industry, meaning our quality toys, handcrafted using traditional technology, are non toxic and long lasting to stand the test of baby’s time (and teeth!). We assert meticulous attention to every detail of our toys, from lovingly hand painted features to the various nubby textures to keep baby engaged.