100% pure
natural rubber

We select only 100% pure natural rubber for all caaocho toys and teethers. Natural rubber is made from the sap of the rubber tree Hevea. This 100% natural material is produced sustainably and is

0% BPA,
Phthalate, PVC

caaocho toys and teethers are certified non-toxic. We want to help you support your baby’s best health and surround them with all natural playthings and teethers. With caaocho, you can be sure your baby will touch or mouth on only 100% natural and certified non-toxic toys and teethers.

support through all
stages of teething

caaocho teethers and teething toys support your baby through all stages of teething from first incisors to last molars.

baby’s development
through play

caaocho unique sensory stimulating designs promote the development of baby’s senses and gross and fine motor skills. We design each toy to make sure it passes the safety, discovery, fun and serenity check.

gift packaging

We wanted you to smile when we created our gift boxes. Surely, our unique designs are mood lifting, but we thought the fact that the boxes are recyclable and use minimum amount of ink would make you feel even better.

hermetic design

all caaocho bath toys are hermetically sealed to prevent mold growth and bacteria accumulation.

designed in Canada
by caaocho

caaocho toys and teethers are designed in super natural Vancouver, Canada. The ocean, the mountains and nature inspired us to create the lovely natural and safe world of fun and comfort we called caaocho.