sensory play

At caaocho®, we know that baby toys are at their best when they stimulate baby’s senses to encourage cognitive development. All caaocho® toys feature textures, colours and our 100% natural rubber design that will delight your baby while encouraging sensory play that heightens brain development in the early stages of life. Through engagement of all five senses, caaocho® toys develop fine and gross motor skills, cognitive function and improved communication.

Sensory play activates different parts of baby’s brain and instigates exploration of their environment. Playtime is the perfect opportunity to help baby discover new sensations, textures, colours and smells, heightening audiovisual awareness and integrating all five senses into the learning experience. Education starts at the youngest age possible, so help your baby experience the world with caaocho® natural rubber toys.


Babies learn through tactile exploration of different textures, shapes and designs. caaocho® bath toys are designed to be played with wet or dry, offering a variety of tangible experiences and sensations. caaocho® toys have convex and concave shapes, ribbed and smooth sections, straight and wavy nubs, soft and harder parts, and many other shapes and curves to keep baby exploring for hours.


As baby’s vision develops, they become more sensitive to colours and shapes and caaocho® toys stimulate baby’s mind with a variety of colours and contours. Our toys feature bright rainbow colours to engage your baby’s visual senses without overstimulation and our variety of animal outlines keep your little one engaged and entertained..


Sensory Ball Rainbow, Sola the Goat and Mia the Lamb squeak gently when squeezed, teaching baby about response to sound and engaging auditory learning experiences while discerning contrasting acoustic tones. The best sound for baby is your voice that’s why all our toys offer an opportunity to explore animal names, features, and sounds or share a story about them!


caaocho® toys are 100% pure, natural rubber that appeals to baby’s palate. Our products are also non-toxic and decorated with food-grade, water-based paints, making them safe for baby to mouth for hours on end.


caaocho® toys smell pleasantly of 100% natural rubber, with no off-gassing. The delightful scent is gentle on baby’s nose and completely safe, making for worry-free play.